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3D Oak Limited will plant an oak tree for every building we supply.

While Britain’s woodland provides enjoyment and beauty for all of us, it’s also incredibly important for our environment. Trees and woods offer shelter to wildlife, help to stabilise soil, purify our water, enrich our soil, filter our air and provide oxygen for us to breathe. And of course they are a wealth of invaluable building material.

It takes between 36 and 42 years for a freshly planted tree to mature, which is why 3D Oak Limited believe it’s important to increase the planting of trees in line with the products we sell. If you purchase one of our cart lodges or buildings we will plant a tree (between November / February) in your name and contact you regarding the details. We at 3D Oak Limited feel that this may be a small gesture but if we all do a little, mighty things will come of it.

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