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As oak specialists, we’ve answered some of the questions we are often asked about building with oak, our oak frame products, and our approach to projects.
Take a look through, and if you’d like to know more then get in touch.

Where is the oak sourced from for 3D Oak products?

All our oak is Quercus Robur commonly known as European Oak, imported from carefully selected suppliers in France.

What do you mean by green oak?

Green oak is fresh sawn oak that has been cut within 3-18 months after the tree has been felled. This makes it easier to achieve precision when cutting and joining.

Can I build 3D Oak structures myself?

Yes – All our frames come as a kit with laminated numbered drawings for self assembly if you wish, and we’re proud of the feedback that these are accurate and easy to work with.

Is it sustainable to build with oak?

Oak is considered one of the most sustainable products to build with as the trees absorb carbon from the atmosphere, and continue to do so when used in buildings, offsetting emissions used during the process.

What do I need to know about glazing a timber structure?

Glazing an oak frame structure requires specialist knowledge and we can talk to you about the options and requirements depending on your build.

Will an oak frame structure add value to my home?

In our experience, investing in an oak frame structure can add substantial value to your house. Depending on your preference, a simple gazebo or pergola in the garden extends the use across all weathers, and a bigger construction such as a garden room can change your entire layout, potentially making your home worth more, and easier to sell. Importantly our work makes you love your home even more.

Do I need planning permission for an oak frame structure?

This depends on your circumstances, but smaller garden structures generally don’t need permissions. If it’s connected to your home and over 30 square meters you normally do need permission but always best to check with your local planning department.

Do I need to inform my neighbours if I’m building an oak frame structure?

Officially only if you need planning permission, but we think always best to talk and consult with your neighbours.

How long does an oak frame building last?

Of course it depends how it is used, but the durability of oak ensures a long life and therefore value for money.

Do I need to paint or treat an oak frame structure?

You don’t need to, and the timber will be silver, but this is not for everyone so we always suggest you use a UV-protection oil (but this is a personal preference).

How are the oak frame garden structures fitted, and are the fixings included?

We use traditional methods like mortice and tenon joints with draw dowels to secure all joints. If you or your builder are using any mechanical fixings, they need to be stainless steel, so the natural oils in the oak don’t corrode the metal.

How do I maintain my oak frame structure?

You can lightly sand the oak and re-apply any UV protection you have applied, or just leave to silver with age.

How long does installation take?

Depends on the size of the frame, but normally a main green oak frame can be installed within a matter of days.

Do you install or do I need my own builder?

We install oak frame gazebos, pergolas an cart lodges within our local Counties. If you need building work completed as well as the oak work, we try and find a local builder to carry out these works.

What areas do you cover?

At 3D Oak, we can deliver to the whole country for supply only frames. If you need us to install, we cover the whole of Essex, Hertfordshire, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

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