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“From Start to finish the quality of service and workmanship was 10 out of 10.”

“We sat down with Darren and had little to no idea of what we wanted, but told Darren what we liked etc. He showed us different roofs and we came up with a rough picture of what we wanted, and what we finished up with was far beyond our expectations, we absolutely love it, gives us more space to relax and for Toby to play”.

“Would recommend to anyone who is looking for any sort of extension, cart shed etc. and wanting workmanship quality and trusted, reliable service”.

Mr & Mrs Kadwill – Harlow Common


After being invited to look at adding additional space and forming a family room for a couple and their young son in Harlow Common onto their existing property.

They already had a brief idea of what they wanted and supplied a photo for us to come up with final design drawings. Once the drawings were approved we applied for permitted development certificate so client could have peace of mind that we had carried out the correct building control procedures from local Council. We received approval without any problems and were instructed by client to proceed with the manufacture and installation of the purpose made European green oak family room.

Installation started with the foundations and brickwork before main frame and roof were installed. We finished the project within a few weeks of starting to give the client a fabulous addition to their lovely home and have had great feedback from neighbours and from their Facebook friends.

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